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“Fairy” shows off the undeniable chops of Under Delusion, proving them to be incredible storytellers

Under Delusion – Fairy

Under Delusion does hard rock such justice on the commanding “Fairy”. The colossal sound becomes a force of nature crashing over the whole of the listener. A mixture of hard rock, industrial, and pop merge into a singular whole. Her voice features tremendous power behind it for it raises above the rest of the din. Influences abound but perhaps the closest would be the band Garbage, which embraced a similar style to their work. A kaleidoscopic array of colour merges together to create a vast tapestry. Quite heavy, there is a density to the way she brings all the many elements into the mix.

The taut guitar riffs race on through with incredible fury right from the beginning. Drawing the listener into their chaotic universe, the inclusion of the vocals truly makes the sound bloom. A mixture of commanding with sultry, there is an intensity that feels so visceral to behold. They do not even give the listener a choice this is played so very loud, as theirs is a true experience. With the more expansive scope of the work, they occasionally touch upon the warmth of shoegaze’s otherworldly presence. Rhythms here go for a propulsive, drawing approach making sure that the entirety of the track virtually darts on by in a way that is absolutely gorgeous. For the final stretch they truly let it all run loose as there is a sense of pure freedom that brings it to a wonderful finish.

“Fairy” shows off the undeniable chops of Under Delusion, proving them to be incredible storytellers.



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