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“Fed Up” shows off Sky Kid & Marmo’s deft skill in sculpting a sound and style.

Sky Kid & Marmo – Fed Up

Sky Kid & Marmo spit pure fire with the flawless fully absorbing flows of “Fed Up”. A modern take on love, the way they balance every verse to make it become a dagger to the heart feels fantastic. Deft storytellers, they recall the frustration that relationships can bring, how they can push someone right to the absolute breaking point. The arrangements, stripped down and bare bones, further emphasize this fact adding additional heft to the power of their words. Best of all, by employing multiple languages within the mix it gains a universality to it. Every beat has an emotional component to it for they layer the sound to become something nimble yet strangely alluring.

The open takes its time in coming into focus for the way that a person becomes fed up in a relationship does not happen overnight it takes time for that annoyance to boil over. Upon the inclusion of that first vocal into the track (Sky Kid’s vocal) the piece gets started in earnest. Sky Kid proves to be a commanding presence for their style has a laid back yet serious demeanor. Marmo’s take has a unique allure to it for they prove to be poetic in their delivery allowing every single word to sink right into the psyche. For the final stretch, both these elements work together to bring the track to a close.

“Fed Up” shows off Sky Kid & Marmo’s deft skill in sculpting a sound and style that feels distinctly their own.


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