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“Fire” revels in Leah Rich’s clever storytelling in a way that she does her own surreal way.

Leah Rich – Fire

Leah Rich’s geometric sound of “Fire” is a joy to behold. A mixture of old-school dub reggae licks alongside hip-hop, R&B, and EDM, there is a blissful burst of color. Her voice contains multitudes as it touches upon balladry and pop making sure that it is never stuck in place. The constant shifts of sound feel outright masterful, even cinematic in how they often wash over the listener. Full of a clear-eyed focus about it the song never lets up, instead doubling down in a way that gives the song a grandeur about it. Volume is a given for hers is a heavy, expansive take, with the bass in particular possessing its own unique dexterity.

A bright brilliant bloom begins and never lets up. Her ear for melody proves to be profound, for she allows the whole of the track to latch onto that irresistible riff. Much of the song highlights that initial spark as her voice ebbs and flows. Quite the force of nature she makes sure that everything about her delivery rushes up to the heavens and back down again. With an unexpected sense of discovery, the way the track races around have a beauty to it, one that is truly all-encompassing. Nods to some of Stevie Wonder’s works enter into the fray, for there is that same level of relatability and compassion that helps to tie the whole thing together.

“Fire” revels in Leah Rich’s clever storytelling in a way that she does her own surreal way.

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