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Five Canadian Bands You Should Be Listening To!

Our friends over at The Reviews Are In sent us some artists that are making waves in the Canadian music scene. We're blown away by the variety and quality of the music coming out the Great White North, as well as the diversity of those making it happen. Here are the artists we just have to share about!

The Darcys – Too Late

The Darcys incorporate a flair for the dramatic on the dance-driven “Too Late.” Strongly adhering to a party starting atmosphere, the song is propelled forward by an insistent groove that just won’t quit. A stylistic potpourri firmly rooted in the dance-rock tradition, they also bring elements of disco, pop, and glam-rock into the proceedings. Multiple layers of sound filter into the mix making them seem much larger than their duo status would imply. Everything about it centres around commanding vocals that recall a bit of David Bowie’s bravado in the best possible way. When taken in as a singular whole the track feels like a sonic celebration.

Shopé – Rikki

A true club banger in the best way possible, Shopé delivers a piece of pure physicality on the intense workout of “Rikki.” Volume is an absolute must for the beat is pure fire as it blazes through the entirety of the track never stopping for a moment. Shopé’s delivery is what truly stuns for he rides the beat with the greatest of ease. Using his voice as yet another rhythm in the intense swirl of sound makes it feel primal in nature. With an animalistic impulse it is easy to surrender to the all-consuming groove, one that has an ancient yet sleekly modern sound.

The OBGMs – Outsah

The OBGMs interject pure adrenaline into the eardrums with the intense aural assault of “Outsah.” Pure unbridled chaos ensues for they offer gnarled raging riffs alongside completely unhinged drumming. Grooves go for the jugular as the heady mix has an incredible physicality to it. Embodying the best about the punk ethos, they let loose resulting in a furious rage that consumes the entirety of the track. A sheer force of nature, their sound is completely relentless and consumes every thing in its path. With this track the OBGM capture the true zeitgeist one of confusion, frustration, and a desire to completely lose control.

The Dirty Nil – Blunt Force Concussion

The Dirty Nil deliver a classic timeless sound on the anthemic “Blunt Force Concussion." A clever mixture of pop, grunge, and alternative rock, the song is a cousin of the Archers of Loaf’s classic “Web In Front.” Like that track, the Dirty Nil know a thing or two about crafting the perfect hook. Lyrics further emphasize a rather hazy, dazed quality for the delivery is quite poetic. Drums hit hard giving it a sense of purpose. Effortlessly building everything up, the piece transforms itself into an incredible stream of consciousness as the final stretch results in a brilliant explosion of sound.

The Planet Smashers – Blind

A sense of gleeful abandon ties together the Planet Smashers’ unbelievably infectious ska riffs on “Blind.” The raw, live energy of the track feels potent. Best listened to loud to get the full experience, they let the song evolve in a way that gives it a strangely cyclical spirit. Rhythms go for a tactile quality with every single element emphasized in full. Interplay between the band has a carefree attitude as they jam away on the singular sound. Vocals convey a sense of yearning for someone, something more. Growing ever larger they let the piece build and build until it eventually becomes joyfully unhinged.

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