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Flash J brings a message that feels acutely timely in this moment.

Flash J - 2AM FEELS

Flash J combines old school hip-hop and R&B into the soulful “2AM FEELS”. Everything about the track features an impressive nighttime ethos – from the gracious glide of the piano sample to the beats that skitter on overhead. By far though the heart of the track comes from Flash J’s impeccable vocals. Delivered with so much passion the fire that informs these verses feels acutely balanced. A life lived to the absolute fullest comes into the frame for Flash J lets a yearning, pining quality into the overall word choice, one perfectly mirrored by the poignant melody that underpins the track.

Production on the tracks absolutely stuns for there is a crispness to the entirety of the sound, one that feels visceral. His vocals are delivered in a surprisingly intimate way, one that points towards a more vulnerable take on rap. Snares start the piece out with such care as they almost punctuate the power of his lyrical mastery. Bass snakes its way through as it has a tenderness to it, as the looping effect of the sample adds to its hypnotic quality. The smallest of gestures are magnified in unexpectedly gorgeous ways, for the piece has a keen mixture of the personal and the societal. Everything about the work seems to emphasize the mixture between the world at large and one’s own personal universe.

“2AM FEELS” points inwards, for Flash J brings an introspective kick into the soothing, luxurious sound with a message that feels acutely timely in this moment.