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Flashback One explores vast geographies of the soul with “Broken”.

Flashback One – Broken

Flashback One explores vast geographies of the soul with “Broken”. Pace is the trick for they make sure to take it easy at first. EDM, pop, R&B, soul, all of these things are filtered through a highly electronic stance. At times they go for an almost rave-up style with everything bursting at the absolute seams. By doing so they ensure that the many twists and turns feature a great deal of power about them, something that feels gorgeous to behold. The layering spirit of the work feels natural. Over the course of the track there is a wonderful theme that reiterates, grows, and becomes all-compassing.

Vocals have a dreamy quality to them. Everything about them takes front and center stage of it all. The song at first feels delicate, fragile even. Ambient washes of melody reign through in the first third of the work. However, they do build up tension alluding to a great burst of color. When that eventual burst comes it feels particularly joyous to behold for there is a grandeur about it one that feels ever so sophisticated to experience in full. From there the song shifts into club mode with the heavy-hitting bass working wonders. Their pop sensibilities are exceptional for they know how to let the melody become ever more expansive. With this giganticness of sound they conjure up imagery of wide-open spaces, of having the freedom to break free to find oneself.

“Broken” proves to be a lovely work, one where Flashback One bares their very soul.



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