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Flow State creates their own joyous aural universe, one that absolutely pops with colour.

Flow State - Avon Giants

Flow State provide the unexpected on the hybrid style of “Avon Giants”. They touch upon a wide slew of genres within the sound, ranging all the way from folklore to electro pop to even hints of jazz. Executed so stylishly, it is hard to resist the song’s charms, from the wonderful vocals to the infectious hooks that reign supreme over the piece. Rhythms here too seem to only further highlight the laid-back vibes they go for, as the song has a summery, sun-drenched quality to it one that feels absolutely beautiful to behold.

Evolution of the sound happens quite quickly. Throughout the whole of the work her voice takes front and centre stage. No matter what happens around her that voice has a steady persistence to it, and a lot does happen around her. Flow State is aptly named, for they jump and shift into a whole series of different avenues, in ways that surprise and delight. Such a great deal of optimism pours through the whole of the sound. A sort of reflective party-like atmosphere takes shape, as the lyrics have a certain poignancy to them, one that proves Flow State to be exceptional storytellers. By infusing the story with a spirit of tension, with character studies looming large over it, there is a bit of love that is embedded within the sound’s very soul.

“Avon Giants” shows off the incredible range of Flow State for they create their own joyous aural universe, one that absolutely pops with colour.



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