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"Fly Away" proves to be the EDM hit of the year thanks to talented Sonna Reles and producer Zight

Zight ft. Sonna Reles - Fly Away

In one word, alive. Abroad or just from your bedroom, this dance song will literally make you fly away. Made to lift your spirits, the tune title is concise and clear. It invites you to keep dreaming and with high hopes, it gives you the push you need to start a new life. In Covid-19 times, this song is upbeat and adventurous and talks about being strong and persistent because new paths are being forged. This way, the lyrics perfectly match the instrumental and the music video as they tap into a truly timeless sound.

Electrifying and powerful, the track starts with such a positive energizing atmosphere that it lasts until the end. It just completely zones you out of this world. The voice of the great Sonna Rele could not have been chosen better. The Disney singer gifts us lovely vocals and an extremely catchy chorus that you will be humming at least for the rest of the week.

Zight summer vibes are included. Who doesn’t imagine himself or herself surrounded by palm trees and a good cocktail while listening to this awesome tune? He really knows how to inspire and motivate you and I guess there aren't enough compliments for such a talented artist. Thanks to his synesthesia, the Hongkonger dance music producer notes that the melodies come to his mind from nowhere and it often feels like they’re from deep within his soul, which gives his music a unique quality.

Fusing feel-good melodies with thunderously thumping EDM rhythms, Zight crafts uplifting electronic anthems. His music serves as the perfect soundtrack to lose yourself on a booming dancefloor or even just kicking back and relaxing at home. From mystifying soaring piano lines, to his euphoria-dripped soundscapes, he has an innate ability to really dig deep into your soul and invoke deep emotions.



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