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Fly The Nest rips apart every note in "Old Street Lover" and the sound is addicting!

Fly The Nest - Old Street Lover

"Old Street Lover" is a heart-pounding love letter to an old flame and it tears through the speakers - or headphones - like a long and healing drive to nowhere. You know the feeling! Fly The Nest's latest single effortlessly turns the story of the dreaded breakup into a message of heart-throbbing hope for a better future for both parties. Of course, this is almost unheard of in a break-up anthem which automatically places the Dublin native Stephen Cooper - better known as Fly The Nest - on a longstanding path to creative and genius originality.

When it come to the single's overall sound, its textured and layered notes bounce back and forth making it a perfect rock song to shriek and sing-along to at the top of the lungs! Fly The Nest explains that the " [...] song is about having a connection with someone that’s ultimately lost. Though it hurts to see it end, you really do wish them the best and hope they find what they’re looking for.”

With lyrics such as "I'm missing you to the moon and back - " Cooper's song-writing skills definitely takes Fly The Nest to another level of popular success once again proving it a memorable and genuine track. However, Cooper's writing skills do not only apply to music as he currently delves in writing for TV and film as well. Audiences have something to look forward to with Fly The Nest and it sounds like "Old Street Lover" is only the beginning of a new musical chapter worthy of the repeat button.

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