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“Focused” shows off Papikaiser’s uncanny ability to create hip-hop that has a humility to it.

A strong sense of self defines Papikaiser’s aptly named “Focused”. Lyrics here have a razor-sharp edge to them. The ability to rise above and to improve oneself is a tough skill to master. Papikaiser makes it sound easy though for his lyrics have a universal truth to them. Forgoing the easy path, the path that gets people in trouble, he instead remains set on the one thing at a time style. His flow has a fire to it, a passion that comes from living life and knowing what does not work. Rhythms here have a crisp nimble quality to them for they race through at a breakneck pace. With the polished production the track evolves and elaborates upon these common themes.

Not a moment is wasted as he dives headfirst into the fresh, fully fleshed out sound. Layers intermingle and evolve, but really it is his voice that serves as the core of the piece. Reflections upon all the things that trip people up, that make them fail, are examined closely. He sidesteps these common pratfalls and instead finds his own Zen. By forgoing the usual, his unusual path is one that is defined by a realism, a desire to succeed and not get sidetracked. Thus, he does not bring attention to negatively, of comparing himself to others but rather comparing himself only to himself and explains it in a kind-hearted and generous fashion, one that has a compassion to it.

“Focused” shows off Papikaiser’s uncanny ability to create hip-hop that has a humility to it.



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