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“Forgive” shows off Under Delusion’s brutal stance, for volume is an absolute must.

Under Delusion – Forgive

A dark brooding piece, “Forgive” shows off the intensity of Under Delusion’s all-consuming bleak vision. They incorporate industrial, pop, and hard rock into a synthesized whole. Rhythms here have a Teutonic pressure to them with every beat hitting with fury. Vocals go for a detached, above it all ethos for much of the time, only coming down for a few moments to try and embrace a bit of closeness. Full of anxiety and tension, they let these sounds percolate until they absolutely burst at the seams. With this righteous fury, they have a longing presence, one that is fully established by the wild guitar riffs alongside the carefully chosen verses.

They waste no time as the heavy atmosphere goes full on washing over the listener. Grooves here have a sheer physicality to them for they hold absolutely nothing back, allowing a great deal of detail to enter into the fray. Nods to groups like Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine specifically appear to be a large influence, as they keep things rather muscular in nature. Low-end here has an emotional weight to it, and upon the vocals cascading and yearning for something more, the song begins to bloom. So many different patterns intermingle helping to lend a thoughtfulness to the proceedings, some that feel outright gorgeous to behold. With all the rising pressure, when the sound finally breaks up it has a soothing reassuring quality as if they are trying to become reborn.

“Forgive” shows off Under Delusion’s brutal stance, for volume is an absolute must.



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