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Fox Evades delivers a rural psychedelic charm on the thoughtful dream-like “Someday”.

Fox Evades – Someday

Fox Evades delivers a rural psychedelic charm on the thoughtful dream-like “Someday”. They have a light touch, for they bring into the fray pieces of pop, shoegaze, ambient and folk in a way that is distinctly their own. Nods to moody 90s groups like the Cranberries and Slowdive emerge over the course of the piece. Right in the very centre of it all are those vocals which have a tenderness to them. Much of the sound has a delicacy, fragile even, as if a strong gust of wind could blow it all over.

Guitars wash over the listener in a splendid way. The drums further heighten the general emotional heft of the work, as they are unhurried yet hit with a certain poignancy. Her voice seems to radiate from a whole other universe in a way that feels absolutely transfixing. A sense of pastural beauty enters into the mix for there is an expansiveness that seems to lend to a sense of geography, one ever so potent yet with such compassion. With all these layers they balance things in unexpectedly lovely ways as it has a careful cadence to it. Nor does it ever raise its voice – by maintaining a sense of calm the whole of the piece works to create something that feels so visceral, raw, and real to behold. For the final stretch it seems to almost float away into the sky.

“Someday” revels in a certain sense of time and place, proving Fox Evades to be a clever, contemplative band capable of creating a seemingly timeless tenor.



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