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Francesca Monte explores instability with such poignant insight on “Vertigo”.

Francesca Monte – Vertigo

Francesca Monte explores instability with such poignant insight on “Vertigo”. Industrial, pop, metallic dubstep, and more add to the whole of the mix. Distortion reigns supreme for there is a wildness to it. Animalistic in nature there is a power about it, one whose frenzied origins feels outright fantastic. Quite clever the whole of the mix swirls about in a chaotic way. Beats have a creativity to it for they make sure that the piece has a loveliness to them. Within all the unhinged presence of the sound itself her voice works as a steadying presence, which ties the entire thing together in a majestic way.

Her lyricism takes center stage from the first moment. Lots of other little effects ripple across the sound further destabilizing the work. Symphonic at times the textures sweep up resulting in a presence that is outright gorgeous. Over the course of the piece she lets a great degree of color enter into the fray. These muted tones help to further lend the song a distinct noir-like appeal. Full of this darkness there is a tortured quality about the track, the way it contorts itself in unexpected ways. Randomly punctuated by these bursts of energy there is an unease that exists within the whole of the experience, in a way that feels outright splendid. Towards the finale a resolution of sorts takes place, one that seems to bring the entire journey back full circle.

“Vertigo” features Francesca Monte’s power in crafting something that absolutely stuns in cutting to the very bone.



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