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Friday Night Firefight cuts to the very heart of the matter with the joyous “Ghost”.

Friday Night Firefight – Ghost

An infectious anthem, Friday Night Firefight cuts to the very heart of the matter with the joyous “Ghost”. The triumphant tact of the track works wonders. Volume is a given for there is a large expansive approach to the work. Massive beats adorn the whole of the track. Old school and contemporary house, EDM, and more enter into the equation. Parts of the sound have an almost nostalgic cadence to them. Roughly in the same camp as groups like Disclosure, there is a giddy happy energy about it. Lyricism helps to center it as well giving it a poppy hook.

Nor do they waste any time for the propulsive energy of the sound proves to be palpable. The shift into focus happens with a graceful tenor about it. All of it simply works with so much ease. The bass reigns supreme for there are heavy frequencies about it. Riffs waft on through gingerly, nicely punctuating the power of the vocals. Verses feel hopeful, optimistic, with a yearning quality that seems to rest at the core of dance music’s greatest hits. By allowing all these many details into the fray there is a grandeur to behold. Rather cleverly the buildup does occur, with that fantastic cinematic flourish for the finale, but there’s more going on underneath. Shifts in the textures and in the neon-hued splendor of the piece give it a kaleidoscopic, almost psychedelic appeal.

“Ghost” shows off the intrepid skill of Friday Night Firefight in sculpting a song to get the party started.



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