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“Full Force Mixtape” has a great intensity to it, as Mr Sunshine has a masterful flow.

Mr Sunshine - Full Force Mixtape

Mr Sunshine spits pure fire on the ferocious “Full Force Mixtape”. The embrace of a classic hip-hop style feels particularly stunning. Layers are brought into the fray making sure there is a collage-like aspect of the work. His word choice has a powerful playfulness to them for the verses work together. Elements of trap, G-funk and more enters into the sound for his is a wild approach. Done with such dignity he proves to be a great storyteller, making sure that each piece plays into the last. Arrangements here have a raw grit and soul about them, for he makes sure that the living, breathing quality of the works feels outright joyous to behold in full.

Right from the beginning he starts things up. By allowing the many tracks to merge into a single flow. Going for a kaleidoscopic appeal the tracks nicely fit together like a puzzle. The experience is never rushed for the atmosphere proves to be a compelling aspect of the journey. Rather strong vocals dominate the whole of the piece, for one gets sort of a 90s NYC style hip-hop flavour to it. Little details matter quite a bit for he makes sure that the bass hits with all of its force, whether going deep into the red or simply helping the groove move forward. Such a fresh and unusual approach, he sidesteps trendiness for something a bit more timeless.

“Full Force Mixtape” has a great intensity to it, as Mr Sunshine has a masterful flow.



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