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Fuzzed-out guitars race through with Hyattsvillian’s “Yolo Is A Lie”.

Hyattsvillian - Yolo Is A Lie

Fuzzed-out guitars race through with Hyattsvillian’s “Yolo Is A Lie”. Grunge, industrial, with a dollop of distortion gives the song that particular edginess. Even deep within the atmosphere is a glowing electro vibe, one that has a degree of malice to it. Volume is a must for theirs is a wall of sound that hits hard. Everything about it offers a defiant stance, from the chords that cut to the soul to the vocals, shouted above the din. By far the highlight comes from the lyricism however, for these are carefully chosen with care. Rather than embrace the concept of Yolo, they rally against it in a way that feels quite refreshing. Done with such intensity the urgency of the rhythms feels fantastic, liberating even.

Nor do they waste any time in getting started. From the start the mood is set flawlessly. Layer upon layer gets added in an intrinsically beautiful way. The prickly nature of the sound proves to be its true selling point, for they try to find the beauty in the imperfections, allowing it a bit of authenticity. A living, breathing quality to the work is of the utmost importance because they make sure that the rhythm is brought almost to the breaking point. Veering uncontrollably and wildly, the unpredictability is of the essence. Over the course of the track they cede control letting the thing spin out in a way that feels deeply satisfying.

“Yolo Is A Lie” features the exquisite ear of Hyattsvillian for they combine the past and present into a futuristic ball of fury.



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