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Gabrielle Ornate - The March of the Caterpillars is a sonic universe entirety of her own creation.

Gabrielle Ornate - The March of the Caterpillars

Gabrielle Ornate builds an impressive, fully immersive poppy world on the neon-hued bliss of “The March of the Caterpillars”. The song virtually insists upon being played loudly for there is a force of nature physicality to it. Best felt as well as heard, she is a careful crafter of sound, allowing every twist and turn of the sound a great deal of leeway. Firmly rooted in an EDM setting, the song incorporates bits of electro, pop, dub, and more into a singular stream of consciousness. Her voice rises above the rest of the sound soaring up with such majesty.

Not a moment is wasted for she sets the tone immediately. Layer upon layer enters into the fray further giving the song a myriad quality, a spirit where anything is possible. Careful deployment of hooks ensures that there is an inherent catchiness to the way she lets it all expand in a fantastic way. Her lyrics have a fragmented beauty to them, with elements of poetry and storytelling coming into full view. With each additional reiteration of theme, the song becomes an unwieldly beast, full of bombast. The way it occupies every nook and cranny of the audio spectrum gives it a delirious, joyous quality. She truly taps into the sense of celebration for the piece explores a togetherness of sorts, a desire to evolve into something more.

“The March of the Caterpillars” shows off the undeniable skill of Gabrielle Ornate in exploring a sonic universe entirety of her own creation.



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