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Garvie brings out the best of dance rock with the pure anthemic bliss of “Villain”.

Garvie – Villain

Garvie brings out the best of dance rock with the pure anthemic bliss of “Villain”. This needs to be played loud, so very loud. A physicality of sorts emerges for the song virtually washes over the listener in a way that stuns. Within the sound itself there is a gigantic geography about it, from the hit of the drums to the sheer intensity of the riffs that run on through. So many different textures are woven together to make it something absolutely absorbing. Nods emerge, from the early aughts work of Spoon to the grit and soul of the Strokes. Deep in the fabric is a bit of a muscular element, from the bass helping to further add to the elasticity of the piece.

A sheer majesty comes on through with the piece, as the song wastes no time in getting started. From there a bit of detail enters into the fray for there is a heaviness to the sound, one that has a spirit of true togetherness. With the framing of the atmosphere adding to the living, breathing aspect of the work they make sure that it builds and builds. The ear for melody appears to define much of the piece, for there is an infectiousness to the style, one that has an intensity to it with the razor-sharp focus a particular fine touch. By the end of the track everything works in coming together to make something serene.

“Villain” features a great beauty to it, with Garvie’s tapestry of sound being a thing of such grandeur.



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