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Gary Dranow delves into a retro classic rock flavor on “Something About You (feat. Jerry Manfredi)”.

Gary Dranow – Something About You

Gary Dranow delves into a retro classic rock flavor on “Something About You (feat. Jerry Manfredi)”. The cinematic flourishes on the edges of the sound makes sure that everything swirls about in this psychedelic haze. Vocals further lends themselves to this dreamy disposition. Everything here works from the hit of the drums to the guitars jangling on through. Rhythms go for the infectious inviting the listener into this rather ancient style. Best of all Gary does update what is required helping to lend this laid-back throwback sound a rather polished look.

The sophistication shown within the entirety of the trip brings to mind some of Jon Brion’s soundtrack work. Much of the atmosphere has a cinematic flair one that ensures that every single moment counts enormously. Small glimmers of melody break on through adding to the magical mix. Interplay amongst the band has a looseness to it, so the idea of improvisation is an essential one for things never get too tight. Lyrics have a focus on the idea of relationships, on that lust and yearning that begins each one. For the latter half of the approach he makes sure to let loose more and more. Going for a nice balance between the wild guitar work and a driving rhythm the song rushes through without hardly a concern. By the final stretch he completely lets go making sure that it feels truly liberating.

“Something About You (feat. Jerry Manfredi)” shows off the distinguished 60s groove that Gary Dranow executes with such ease.



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