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Gavin Doyle sings with true heart and soul on the spirited journey of “The Island”

Gavin Doyle – The Island

A hallowed air defines Gavin Doyle’s “The Island” giving a fascinating piece of folk an atmosphere of such tenderness. His voice has a lived-in quality to it with lyrics that wax poetically. Such a vast sound yet there is a degree of intimacy embedded deep within it. Lyrics bring the whole of the piece together, drawing from Wilco’s spirited take on country and folk as well as the gentle grace of the Mountain Goats’ earliest releases. Beyond this, the slight inclination towards a traditional folk origin further lends the song a timeless quality.

The glowing origins of the piece feel wonderful as they burn on brightly. Multiple layers carefully waft on up into the air, like mere wisps of melody. Guitar work perfectly accompanies the power of his voice as it builds up in strength. Nothing here ever becomes overpowering, yet there is a strong sense of purpose that lends the lyricism along, as the word choice feels so vulnerable and so personal. By dealing in this sort of specificity there is a fable-like ethos behind the work, one that lends it a majestic air. Rhythms forgo a hard-hitting element for something much more befitting of the delicate nature, a mere brush to help keep the constantly moving time. Within this piece, there is a sense of discovery as these quiet worlds welcome with their warmth.

Gavin Doyle sings with true heart and soul on the spirited journey of “The Island”.


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