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Gedalya sings straight from the heart on the soulful ode of “If I Were Superman”.

Gedalya - If I Were Superman

Gedalya sings straight from the heart on the soulful ode of “If I Were Superman”. Done with the greatest of taste and style, the vivid imagery used throughout feels tactile. The usage of folk, pop, and even a bit of rock entering into the fray helps to define that sense of otherworldliness that frames the lyricism. His voice possesses an honesty to it. Much of the song has a conversational tone like listening to a friend’s soliloquy, the sort of thing that you had been waiting a long time to hear. Instrumentally the usage of the guitar alongside the piano helps to give it that extra polish.

The piano chords open the song up. His voice enters soon after. A rather languid pace to the tempo ensures that the listener is drawn into this world. Patience proves to be an essential part of the work, for it grows and evolves at its own pace. Done with such dignity every instrument is given more than enough room to roam. Drums here gain a force of nature quality about them, ensuring that there is a power to each hit. His voice remains true throughout, never rising his volume, always keeping steady, making the journey a reassuring one. A bright mixture of old school and contemporary influences, there is a tenderness to the tone of the track.

“If I Were Superman” goes for a grandeur, one that stuns the very senses in a way that is truly serene, proving Gedalya to be a deft storyteller.



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