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Georgia Maria strikes with a ferocity on “Thunderbolt”.

Georgia Maria – Thunderbolt

Georgia Maria strikes with a ferocity on “Thunderbolt”. Everything here burns through the track duration with gleeful abandon. Done with the utmost of dignity, they balance out the harsh aspects alongside some lighter ones. By making sure that it all comes together in a deliriously happy way, the thing has a celebratory atmosphere to it. With each and every twist they bring more into the fray. Layers intermingle to delve into a gleaming mixture of hard rock, garage rock, and more. Easily the very highlight of the entire thing are her commanding vocals that rise above the rest of the din with the utmost of ease.

An animalistic presence opens the track up with such flair. The rhythm section works as its own force of nature for they double-down on an intensity of sorts, one that feels doubly refreshing. Over the course of the piece all of it has an unhinged quality, one that fills the listener with visceral energy. Far from subtle the song keeps on growing and growing, even from its already massive size in the beginning. Lyrics here are picked out with care, highlighting the sheer madness that the sound descends into. Little details at first get magnified enormously. Cyclical in its grooves the piece gets pretty heavy for there is a fury to it, one that guides it along. Volume is a given for it is truly all-consuming swirling about in a truly defiant fashion.

“Thunderbolt” features a massive sound one that celebrates rock’s boisterous roots, as Georgia Maria holds absolutely nothing back.



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