“Ghosting (me)” shows Sully sculpting an anthem for our era.

Sully – Ghosting (me)

Sully bursts forth with fire and passion on the powerful electro-pop musings of “Ghosting (me)”. Her voice has a tremendous soul to it for the lyrics explore the awfulness that is ghosting a person. Relationships have become considerably harder to navigate and the prolific use of social media has made being ignored an even more painful process. Attention to each verse gives the song that additional poignancy, one where her storytelling ability becomes a true thing of beauty. The lush, dense mix, heavily rooted in electro-pop, also incorporates elements of dub, EDM, and R&B into the colossal mix. Layer upon layer is further added into mix, for the dense exploration of sound feels outright visceral.

The mood is immediately set with the atmospheric synthesizers wafting their way into the melody. Grooves here have an intensity to them for they eventually settle into a driving pulse. With all of this going on her vocals are displayed prominently in the front, from which everything else flows. Swirling about in a gorgeous haze the melody has a tremendous amount of depth to it. Every gesture counts and is magnified intensely. Her introspection and the ultimate tragedy involved with being ghosted comes across heavily, for the final stretch of the sound she completely lets loose, with her voice becoming a virtual force of nature.

“Ghosting (me)” shows Sully sculpting an anthem for our era, with thoughtful lyricism that lingers in the mind long after the track has ended.


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