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Glasi embraces a trance pop tropical cadence with “Chasing Paradise”.

Glasi - Chasing Paradise

Glasi embraces a trance pop tropical cadence with “Chasing Paradise”. On a personal note, as someone who grew up with this sound, it is nice to hear it make something of a comeback. Interestingly they go for neither the full-on dance experience nor the ambient washes the genre is known for, instead blending the two. The wave-like presence of the piece, with its growing and decreasing energy, adds to the sense of place that the work exudes. So much color further enters into the fray as there is a delicacy to the way it all seems to merge into a singular stream of consciousness. Volume is important for theirs is an atmosphere that has a kindness to it.

Environmental sounds come on through at the very onset of the piece, helping to set the tone for what later follows. The vocals have a mysterious, beguiling atmosphere to them. Full of splendor there is a gorgeousness to the way they let it all evolve. Nods to the Future Sound of London’s early, psychedelic dance work feels particularly apt, as does a little bit of the Orb thrown in for good measure. Production has a crystal-clear sheen about it, for there is a lushness to how it simply washes over everything. Melodies too have an interesting quality to them, constantly getting refracted and reflected in light.

“Chasing Paradise” has a beauty to it proving Glasi to be thoughtful in terms of how they explore a unique world one that feels so joyous.



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