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“Good Vibes” shows off Bianca Aristia’s vocal chops for her voice has an angelic glow.

Bianca Aristia - Good Vibes

A pristine summer jam, Bianca Aristia presents a truly chilled-out atmosphere on “Good Vibes”. Everything about it has a lush aura behind it. Her voice rests at the very heart of the entire thing for there is a lightness there. The arrangement itself has a tropical blend about it. Beats hit with a laid-back quality and the low-end of the track, with the beautiful bass, is a particularly fine touch. Lyricism focuses on relaxation, of how to properly mellow out. Stylistically rooted in pop, she brings elements of EDM, dub, and more into the proceedings resulting in something that feels familiar yet is so unique. Quite a neat trick, her universe is one that is always warm and welcoming.

The very beginning of the track sets the mood. Full of a dense tapestry, she brings so much into the mix resulting in a peaceful environment. Even with this heavily saturated sound there is a kindness she utilizes to great effect. Layers intermingle in a kaleidoscopic way. At times, the song has a nostalgia to it, one that reminisces about the short-lived yet lovely chillwave styles. Similar to that particular vein of electronica, hers is a carefree optimistic spirit. Her voice truly brings it altogether working as the very beating heart of the entire thing. Indeed, from her voice all else flows, from the flowery melody to the graceful groove that helps to guide the song along.

“Good Vibes” shows off Bianca Aristia’s vocal chops for her voice has an angelic glow.



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