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“Goodbye” features Dama Juda giving the proud lineage of the breakup song.

Dama Juda – Goodbye

Dama Juda speaks pure truth on the defiance stance of “Goodbye”. An interesting blend of pop punk with a hip-hop playfulness, the whole of the track features hooks aplenty. Her vocals, always a delight, feel in full force on this piece with lyrics that explore the post-breakup phase of a relationship. The humour infused within the verses further adds to the song’s sense of joy for it is a “why are you still here?” sort of sentiment that is expressed. Sometimes after a breakup the other person simply does not get the hint and Dama Juda definitely brings that point across in a way that is gentle while still direct.

References abound throughout the whole of the track, with nods to Post Malone perhaps inevitable given its hip-hop centric gaze. Additionally, she incorporates the good cheer of Blink 182 in their best moments as she finds the ridiculousness that follows the end of a relationship. Here she crafts some stunning infectious grooves as the rhythm has a warm, inviting presence. Firmly grounded in the pop tradition, she playfully twists the concept of romance into one of “leave me alone” in a way that still feels kind, yet necessary. Layer upon layer filters into the sound while the track itself never loses sight of its infinite catchiness and unstoppable rhythm.

“Goodbye” features Dama Juda giving the proud lineage of the breakup song a much-needed sense of lightness, as the song expresses the disbelief about a former partner who has well outstayed their welcome.



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