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“Gothbxch ft. Spaceman Zack” shows off Kobenz’s lyricism and impressive storytelling.

Kobenz - Gothbxch ft. Spaceman Zack

Kobenz goes for a powerful, emotionally loaded statement on the intense trip of “Gothbxch ft. Flows here feel flawless as they effortlessly blend emo rap, grunge, and gothic influences into a cohesive, unified whole. Layer upon layer is brought into the fray resulting in a mix that never feels rushed. References abound throughout the track, from Salem’s witch house aesthetics to the soulful croon of Layne Staley of Alice in Chains. Best of all this track is fully lived in with the trap beats hitting with a physicality suggesting a lonely, spacious realm. Usage of samples and trap only add to this heightened awareness.

The rustic guitar chords draw strong comparisons to early grunge, as they contain just the right degree of forlorn beauty to them. Once the vocals come into the mix things truly start in earnest. Incredible detail enters into the mix, from the crisp beats to the sheer intensity of the bass rumbling on through. With a tortured exquisite beauty, they feature some fantastic flows, drawing both from rap and early 90s grunge. So dark the way that the song pulses on through the rhythm becomes absolutely massive as it draws the listener into a kaleidoscopic blend of color. Upon stripping the sound down to the essentials, the track shows off its fierce, defiant edge as the whole of the piece has an incredible spirit to it.

“Gothbxch ft. Spaceman Zack” shows off contemplative lyricism and impressive storytelling with a character study that lingers in the mind long after the track has ended.

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