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Graham Coe Releases Heartfelt Acoustic Ballad

Singer/songwriter Graham Coe has released a heartfelt acoustic ballad entitled “A Moment in Time.” This is the debut single from Graham's new solo project.

“A Moment in Time” is a choral acoustic ballad with late 60s folk feel. It’s a love song with honest and endearing lyrics, featuring soulful vocals and willful guitar accompaniment. He says, “The song is essentially a love letter to my wife, she’s kept me going.” The song features a beautiful vocal performance from Graham atop swirling backing vocals and emotive acoustic guitar sounds.

The song was recorded and produced by long-time collaborator of Graham’s, Sean Corcoran of Bikini Island Studios.

Graham got into music and singing at a young age. He was in various bands growing up such as Fused, The Fifty Ten Millions, and Leeches. He and a group of friends formed a successful wedding band, The Panoramics, and Graham performed full-time around Ireland with them for 15 years. This past year he decided to leave the wedding band, and the COVID lockdown gave him the time and space to dive back into writing and recording his original music. He has been avidly writing and recording over the last few months, and plans to keep releasing original music.


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