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Graham Mitchell's "Be Alright" hints of the '60s

Graham Mitchell's "Be Alright" hints of the '60s
Graham Mitchell, Singer/Song Writer

Dublin-based singer/songwriter Graham Mitchell has released a promising new tune, “Be Alright.” Graham has cut his teeth live on the local pub and club circuit; he just finished up solo shows with major Irish artists such as Damien Dempsey. He offers spirited live performances that showcase a gift for grabby original songs.

“Be Alright” is about a woman who is leaving a man. He’s sad, and he can’t get her back into his life. Although the pain is there, he keeps being positive, telling himself that he will 'be alright'. The lyrics are genuinely romantic: "All the memories, they hug me". The song is slow-paced with hints of the '60s in there with classic Beatles harmonies and what reminds me of a Paul McCartney bass line. Although Graham sings about sadness, the song is not sad. The narrator doesn't hate the woman nor is he aggressive about wanting her back, but seems at peace with going their separate ways.

A breakup is not the end of the world; this is the central message of the song. It makes you nostalgic for a past relationship and old memories. People relate to sadness; people react to breakup stories because everyone has been through them. Graham really has the gift to write beautiful lyrics and offer his audience a sense of emotion.


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