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Graham O’Hara Returns With Blues and Groove in Single “If Only”

Dublin-based singer/songwriter Graham O’Hara has released his second single titled "If Only." The track features a bluesy electric guitar riff draped in decorative and colourful instrumentation atop a driving electronic drum beat. The track is topped off with a moody vocal that comes to life in the chorus along with the rest of the track.

Graham says, ""If Only" is a song that is meant to inspire those facing difficult choices by acknowledging that we only have hindsight for the things we have already experienced. The track title borrows from the well known and used phrase often associated with regret and lost opportunities. By facing this and airing it out, I challenge the notion at the source - where you take responsibility your choices and live with the consequences."

"If Only" was recorded in Wavefarm Studios under the direction of producer Kevin Brennan. It is the latest release from Graham after his debut single ‘Unless I Say.’ Graham spent the last decade in different bands and projects before going solo a few years ago. He is working on is building up a repertoire of songs, both in his own writing and in the studio.


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