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Gyats0 crafts a serene celebratory world with “Joy”.

Gyats0 – Joy

Gyats0 crafts a serene celebratory world with “Joy”. A deft mixture of folk, found sounds, and electropop, the approach feels truly inspired. There is a vulnerability that informs the whole of the track making it surprisingly intimate. Little details here matter for much of the piece has a hushed reference about it, one that feels outright majestic to behold. Interplay on the work matters a great deal, for the stylistic shifts they employ within the song has a fragility to it. With such delicacy they help to layer everything, allowing it to grow in a way that is fully organic.

Hushed acoustic guitar chords nimbly start the song off. The rhythm has a bit of a jaunty flavour to it, as there is a sense of anticipation. Vocals further add to this experience as they hold back a bit at first. Almost shy in terms of its beginning demeanor, but the way that they gradually grow closer to the listener feels natural. Over the course of the piece, they are making a friend of the listener. Anticipation for that eventual burst of energy reaches a tipping point, resulting in a fantastic electropop burst of colour. Nods to Postal Service’s urbane, sophisticated tact emerges at this point, reveling in their keen ear for melody. For the final stretch they go full circle, returning to the pastoral field recording bliss of the opening.

“Joy” revels in Gyats0’s deft skill in exploring the innermost thoughts in a way that has a refreshingly unique take.

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