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hōmlē deliver something nearly classical on the gracious and lovely melodies of “Lonelier Game”

hōmlē - Lonelier Game

Simplicity is key on the stunning minimal bliss of hōmlē’s “Lonelier Game”. Keeping things to the essentials matters a great deal and their sound is greater than the sum of its parts. By allowing these elements plenty of room to roam they appear to have embraced a love for their surroundings. Vocals additionally have a grace to them for they draw more from Low’s sense of decay, of allowing the intermingling to happen at its own pace. James Blake’s uncanny take on dubstep also emerges for, like his project, they refuse to have unnecessary adornment letting the barebones structure of the song work to its advantage in creating an almost bluesy cadence to it.

A whisper of sound introduces the piece as the beat gets started up in earnest. They let this play out over a period of time, as the sparse few elements intermingle to result in a powerful rhythm. Melody has a simple yet emotionally moving quality to it, and this melody becomes doubly powerful once those vocals enter into the fray. Lyrics have a reflective presence to them for they come together to result in something that has a serenity about it. Basslines opt for the nimble for they pick up whenever they truly can, making sure that the bass works on an emotional as well as a rhythmic way. Little delicate touches filter into the fray always making sure never to crowded the sound and to give the melody plenty of space to fade away.


hōmlē deliver something nearly classical on the gracious and lovely melodies of “Lonelier Game”


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