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Ha1ey embarks on a heady, dream pop flurry with the buzzing sound of “Seltzer”.

Ha1ey – Seltzer

Ha1ey embarks on a heady, dream pop flurry with the buzzing sound of “Seltzer”. With a voice that contains multitudes, a sense of love permeates the entirety of the piece. Virtually surreal at times, the amorphous nature of the sound draws additionally from a little bit of shoegaze’s more ambient side. References abound, but perhaps none as much as Beach House’s gentle summery spirit. Every single element comes into the whole of the mix, for her pace has a power to it. Layers are brought into the fray making sure it is easy to get lost within the rather spacious sound. A keen sense of geography informs the work for it seemingly rises up into the sonic ether. Thanks in large part to this aural atmospheric condition, the song always seems to be virtually floating away.

From the very beginning the song starts up in a hushed awe. Right from there the rest of the sound comes into view with a classical sensibility. Her voice takes front and center stage, for there is a hypnotic allure to the way the verses cascade out. Much of the piece takes comfort in the small details, the gentle shifts that have a careful cadence to all of them, ensuring that the piece itself maintains a particular lightness to it. Such grace adds to the ambient wash that defines her careful, polished sound production that closes the work off on a high note.

“Seltzer” features Ha1ey’s uniquely soulful voice for it rises up into the heavens in an absolutely celebratory way.



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