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Hallie sings with grace and passion on the heartfelt “Remedy”.

Hallie – Remedy

Hallie sings with grace and passion on the heartfelt “Remedy”. A neat update on the classic love song, there is something so vulnerable and raw with the way she delivers every single word. The vocals here truly stun and serve as the centrepiece of the track. Nor do they hold back on the arrangement, which feels pitch perfect with her low-key style. Quite minimal, the glossy electronic flourishes further add to the sense of place that the work performs. Growth of the piece happens slowly yet significantly making sure that the groove has an almost yearning spirit behind it.

The beginning of the piece truly sets the tone. She dives headfirst into the heady sound making sure that it swirls about with such grace. Her voice possesses so much emotion behind it as the verses unfurl in a way that is gorgeous. Every word chosen with the utmost of care, hers is a sound that feels so intimate. Usage of space and atmosphere allows the piece to feel far larger. Beats emphasize this expansiveness for they are light and slow. With a careful considered poise behind it the track gradually blooms into fantastic colours, making sure it all merges together to form this cohesive whole. On the latter half of the piece she introduces a bit of resolution, a joy that reigns supreme into the final close.

“Remedy” revels in a true sense of beauty, with Hallie proving to be a deft gifted storyteller with a message that lingers in the mind long after the track has ended.



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