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“Hanging Around” is one of those beautiful songs coming from the joy of having nothing to do.

Cardinal Moses - Hanging Around

A summery spirit rests at the heart of Cardinal Moses’s chilled-out vibes of “Hanging Around”. With strong nods to groups like Cut Copy and Tame Impala, there is a sun-drenched atmosphere that permeates the whole of the piece. Elements of dance rock, post punk, with a hint of funk enter into the fray and the way they do it feels refreshingly mellow. Small details here matter a great deal whether it is the sly bass that worms its way through the proceedings or the delicate vocals that accompany the whole of the track. Reflective to its very core there is something serene about the way they are able to balance all of these influences in a way that does not feel at all fussy.

The groove is all. The vibe is everything. From these points they sort of daydream about the whole of the piece. Various elements have a dreamy, dazed disposition. Small flourishes of haze further add to the playful sensibility that is in full effect. Buildup does not happen this is not an intense track, rather it is the little things that matter. A slightly different inflection here, a carefully posed verse there, this is what makes the song so simple yet so direct. There is an honesty here that they make sound easy but is far from it.

“Hanging Around” proves to be one of those beautiful songs devoted to the joy that comes from having nothing to do, making Cardinal Moses truly skilled at the art of pure relaxation.

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