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Haunter goes for a powerful passionate performance on the intense trip of “Illuminate”

Haunter – Illuminate

Haunter goes for a powerful passionate performance on the intense trip of “Illuminate”. The song radiates with a sense of hope and purpose. Lyrics further underpin this optimistic message for every verse is weighted for maximum impact. By allowing the instrumental arrangement a certain symphonic pop hue, the entirety of the piece gains a sound simultaneously contemporary yet classic. Volume is a must for the atmosphere has a careful cadence to all of it, with the many layers of sound intermingling to create a dreamy blissful state. Rhythms further add to this sheer physicality as the beats hit with an emotional resonance, working as a perfect piece of punctuation.

Nor do they hold anything back as the track begins right in the middle of things. No buildup, nothing the song starts up fully formed. From this strong open the piece evolves from this initial spark. Her voice has a crystal clarity to it for the amount of light that comes from her voice feels pitch perfect. Every little flourish further gets accentuated as there is a grandeur to the whole of the thing, for the multiple layers come together to work absolute wonders. Melodically rich, the density of the track proves to be its main appeal, as the message dovetails with the sound in a way that feels highly natural. Incorporation of this expansive approach adds to the angelic glow of the work.

“Illuminate” shows off the deft skill of Haunter in crafting a universe that is filled with endless possibility.



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