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Hawk and the wild deliver a fittingly somber tone on “Aral Sea”.

Hawk and the wild - Aral Sea

Hawk and the wild deliver a fittingly somber tone on “Aral Sea”. A clever mixture of the loss of love done in a geographical sense, he imbues relationships with natural beauty. The tired and true approach lends the song an honesty. By making sure each line is carefully selected he manages to tell the tale of a life truly lived to the absolute fullest, with all the twists and turns that entails. Guitar work has a fine polish to it, elegant in its folksy charm. Rhythms go for a pastoral bliss about them for they roll on through in a truly dignified fashion. Interplay of the band itself proves that they listen to each other, in a way that feels so gorgeous.

From the very beginning the song has a gentle disposition. Everything about it has a power about it. The Fleet Foxes proves to be an important influence to it unfurling with grace. Done with such luxury the richness of the piece results from the way that the song times its time. While the melody is of the essence equally important is the way that the sound gradually involves. No major crescendo theirs is a subtle design. Precise to a tee, the song has a careful gait to it. Meditative in its deliberate stance, it has a slight hint of loss, the way when something is gone, it is never fully recoverable again.

“Aral Sea” shows off the profound attention to detail of the Hawk and the wild.



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