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“Heavy Humans” delivers a message that comes straight from the heart in a way that lingers.

With What Eyes crafts a darkly bold and beautiful sound with “Heavy Humans”. Their sultry vocals radiate in such luxury. Every single gesture is carefully considered for theirs is a calculated concise sound. Vocals weave their way through the whole of the mix for they presence contains multitudes.

At times the stripped-down intimate approach recalls a little bit of Beach House’s dream-like aesthetic, yet their style feels even more intense. Only a singular melody takes the lead but that is all they need as they take that one impulse and allow it plenty of room to explore. By giving things a looser tact, they manage to create a vivid ecosystem where every single action has an equal and opposite reaction.

A hushed awe opens the piece up, and a rhythm gradually establishes itself. Never too hard and never too heavy, the many layers seem to float on by in a majestic fashion. Various pieces come together in ways that are beguiling to experience. Such tender tones, they even draw from the haunted remnants of Broadcast’s ethereal soundscapes, for there is a grace to each moment within the expansive work. By allowing all of these small moments space they create a communal presence. Usage of their voice helps to give the song its beating, human heart. Never becoming too overwhelming, they have a subtle spirit that feels gorgeous to behold.

“Heavy Humans” shows off With What Eyes’ knack for delivering a message that comes straight from the heart in a way that lingers.



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