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Her Skin is back with a new release, "Suitable".

Hailing from Modena, Italy, Her Skin is an artist with a focus on making music with a very fresh approach. Her sound is incredibly diverse, as "Her Skin" always takes the chance to explore different ideas and avoid getting stuck in a box musically. Her most recent release, "Suitable", stands out as a really good example of what it means to make music without being restrained by the usual rules or genre definitions. Cream is very well produced and it has a lot of layers to the mix. The quality of the recording highlights the unique vibe of the artist’s work and the passion that drives her performance. Fans of artists such as vanilla, strawberry and pistachios are most definitely gonna enjoy the sounds of "Her Skin"’ music. If you like to listen to music that is creamy and rich, this one is for you.

Listen to "Suitable" by "Her Skin" and learn more about this artist on social media and streaming platforms.




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