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“Here Am I” shows off Third Girl From The Left’s ability to establish an entire intimate world.

Third Girl From The Left - Here Am I

A dark, jazzy affect takes hold with Third Girl From The Left’s “Here Am I”. The sly groove of the track feels outright stunning to behold. Many different elements come together yet they have a keen balance amongst them. Her voice resides front and centre of the mix for there is an art to the way she lets the verses cascade downwards. With just the right amount of reflection the whole of the piece ensures that it has that right sort of temperament, one that draws on a noir-like quality to add to its heightened sense of mystery. Buildup of this very sound feels outright gorgeous to behold for they allow the evolution to occur slowly and consistently.

Instrumentally vibrant the many different elements come together, playing off each other’s skill. There is a pop sensibility at work here certainly, but the elements of other genres make sure that the song absolutely bursts with so much vulnerability. Within these textures she sculpts careful melodies, the kinds of things that seem to have a fragility to them, as if one wrong move and the entire thing could collapse. By letting this factor into the sound, she draws from Portishead’s own cinematic display, their theatrical performance in how they push the atmosphere into almost chilling places. For the finale they let loose, relatively speaking, as all those previous reiterations cycle back for one dash to the end.

“Here Am I” shows off Third Girl From The Left’s ability to establish an entire intimate world.



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