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HOL’s “bones” makes me long for 90s alternative rock.

HOL – bones

HOL’s “bones” makes me long for 90s alternative rock. There is an earnestness, an honesty, to their approach that feels quite refreshing. Forgoing the simple theirs is a Byzantine sort of style, one that brings together so much to create this warm blanket of a track. Everything about it features a tremendous attention to detail, from the hazy glow of the guitars to the heady rhythms that underpin them. Subtle gestures matter too for they bring out the vocals to give them an otherworldly, atmospheric quality to them one that steadily builds and builds. An organic presence to the piece matters a great deal for they let the song evolve in a naturalistic, force of nature sort of fashion, all physical, intense, and yet, compassionate.

Everything starts up all at once. Guitars ring on up into the heavens resulting in this rather tender touch one that feels ever so soulful. Drums unpin the sound with their flexible driving propulsion adding to the allure. Vocals swim through the din helping to add to the overall kindness of the piece. Layer upon layer is applied in an absolutely entrancing way, diving headfirst into their own aural universe. Such joy reigns supreme and with the evolution of the sound they have a triumphant spark behind it, as the sound glows. Various layers merge and intersect to further flesh out the overall approach, making sure that it constantly feels akin to a grand journey.

“bones” features the undeniable fire of HOL for they deliver a work that has such an inviting quality.



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