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“Holding Onto Something” shows off the impeccable chops of Cloudshapes.

Cloudshapes - Holding Onto Something

Cloud Shapes offers a sense of comfort and peace on the blissed-out trip of “Holding Onto Something”. Their versatility is a testament to the fantastic interplay that occurs throughout the entirety of the track. Neatly bringing together elements of dance and pop into the fray they deliver something truly soulful. Every single layer is carefully balanced to allow for the chill vibes to resonate throughout the whole of the song, with every gesture executed with perfection. An ear for melody proves to be particularly useful as the irresistible hooks are a joy to behold. This is a song for hope, for life after quarantine when people can be together, and communities can begin to rebuild after so much necessary isolation.

They set the tone immediately featuring a fantastic open with such lush colours radiating throughout. Right in the very heart of it are the lyrics, which are delivered with the utmost of compassion. Quite reflective of their own personal tragedies, the struggles their loved ones face, they imbue a bit of hope into the overall message for there always needs to be hope in order to overcome anything and everything. The buildup of the sound occurs ever so delicately as they carefully employ a series of grooves, textures, and tones into the fray resulting in an almost kaleidoscopic sound at times.

“Holding Onto Something” shows off the impeccable chops of Cloudshapes in sculpting a sound that is distinctly their own.



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