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“Home” reveals Soul Rolled Fox to be purveyors of a communal experience.

Soul Rolled Fox – Home

Soul Rolled Fox updates folk into a symphonic sound with the blissful trip of “Home”. The soothing tones of the track radiate from every element – from the kind-hearted vocals to the gentle graceful gestures of the guitar. A pastoral beauty emerges from this exploration one that takes folk and transforms it into something even more powerful. Forgoing intimacy, they envelope the listener with warm layers of sound, with the buildup occurring in a carefully considered way. Poetic to its very core the piece has a reassuring quality to it with the cyclical approach working wonders in creating a world that is easy to get lost in, for every element is balanced for maximum effect.

A mixture of acoustic and electric guitars come together for the beginning with a soulful spirited exchange that at times recalls Gastr del Sol’s careful attention to detail. Their vocals possess such depth to them for the lower register delivery works wonders. Everything about the sound feels reinvigorating and strangely lovely. Little hues, small snippets of colour, are brought into the fray giving it a sunset sort of approach, specifically for the golden hour. Highly reflective, they let the lyrics grow and expand out into the infinite in a way that feels so unique. For the finale they let it all go as the freewheeling sense of joy that permeates the entirety of the piece moves to the forefront.

“Home” reveals Soul Rolled Fox to be purveyors of a communal experience, one that takes pastoral folk and makes it so inviting.



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