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“Home” shows off Samantha Sharpe’s carefully parsed and perfect exploration of affection.

Samantha Sharpe – Home

Samantha Sharpe crafts a story steeped in pure love and devotion on the tender “Home”. Pop, folk, and rock intermingle in kind, gentle ways. By far the highlight comes from her sense of desire, a place to be accepted. The message has a universality to it for everyone at some point searches for that special place with that special someone to call their own, in a way that feels pure and crystal clear. Instrumentally it draws both from the organic world and the electronic – with the graceful guitar licks perfectly punctuated by the hit of the drum. Best of all, her vocals seem to give that additional weight to the acoustic side of things, for her voice has a sundrenched cheeriness to it, one that resonates.

Guitar and voice introduce the work. Her voice has a raw, unadorned quality to it. Sung with so much spirit and care, the piece builds from this smallest seed of sound, expanding ever upwards. The glow of the keyboards adds to the bright, brilliant clarity of the world. When the song truly gets started, the beats hit with a poignant quality. Infused with an undeniable sense of energy, the beats have a thoughtfulness to them never rushing along, always taking their time in swirling about with a contemplative ode. For the final stretch she lets these adornments melt away to once more reveal the power of her voice.

“Home” shows off Samantha Sharpe’s carefully parsed and perfect exploration of affection in a way that feels warm and inviting.


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