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Hyper pop done right, killedherself races through in a bright brilliant blur with “so cool".

killedherself - so cool (feat. Toyko)

Hyper pop done right, killedherself races through in a bright brilliant blur with “so cool (feat. Toyko)”. Everything about it darts from place to place. Stylistically rooted in hyper pop, elements of gabber, EDM, chiptune and more filter their way into the overall mix. It is a delightfully delirious sound one that never seems to stop for any reason. Grooves and melodies get cut apart into mere shads in a way that feels so majestic to fully behold. By putting the tempo so very high the piece speeds along. Vocals here are yet other textural elements, pitched way up until they became cartoonish ghosts of their original tenor.

The song works itself up into a frenzy within the first few seconds. From there it all has a hopeful, joyous, chaotic quality to it. Various layers are all brought together in a way that adds to the crazed spirit behind it. Literally bursting with life the song teems with so much vivid imagery for things are all torn apart in ways that are unexpected, even blissful in temperament. Glitch elements further add to the celebratory energy. Bass here hits with a ferocity for it seems to bring things deep into the red. All of it reigns supreme in that distorted realm for there is a living, breathing aspect to it that feels just right, all the way into the finale.

“so cool (feat. Toyko)” shows off the deft skill of killedherself in creating a vast, ever-spinning universe that refuses to slow down.



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