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“I Don’t Care” shows off the impeccable range of MrZnote.

MrZnote - I Don't Care

MrZnote goes for an old-school, no-holds-barred furious flow with “I Don’t Care”. The track is pure fire and he spits verses with the greatest of power, giving the entire track a defiant edge. Volume is an absolute must for this is a physical track one where all the beats hit hard with a tremendous sense of gravity. Samples here are brought to their breaking point while they circle around like sharks with righteous rage. Everything feels acutely balanced and the lyricism is completely on point, for the wordplay and word choice further add to the swirling dense cascade of sound.

Bass is so heavy it virtually hits the listener like a ton of bricks. The groove goes for an infectious classic 90s hip-hop sound, one that has almost animalistic rage to it. Every single verse is balanced for maximum impact for the whole of the track possesses a keen sense of indignation. Best of all, MrZnote’s influences come from the greats, from Method Man and Tupac. By channeling their unique style and cadence, he creates a sound that absolutely bursts with life. Details matter and the way that the track lumbers on through swinging further adds to this pure sense of the unhinged, of the confrontational, and of the intense. Delivery, in short, is flawlessly executed.

“I Don’t Care” shows off the impeccable range of MrZnote in crafting a classic sound that transcends trends for a sense of timelessness.


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