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“I Of The Storm” revels in the brilliant storytelling abilities of Peter Barnado.

Peter Barnardo - I Of The Storm

Peter Barnado embraces a passionate fiery stance on the futuristic folk journey of “I Of The Storm”. Full of tremendous emotion the song unfurls with such care. A cinematic experience, the way that he brings colour into the sound feels outright majestic. By far though the highlight comes from the carefully selected words. Every lyric chosen with care he makes sure it all matters as the piece grows and expands into the seemingly infinite. The folk grounds it, but elements of post-rock, classical, and electronica all add to the living, breathing scope of the piece. Volume is a must and there is a sense of defiance that ties the entirety of the work together making it a true slice of bliss.

The careful cadence of the track starts things off immediately. Right from the first moment there is a clear-eyed intensity that helps to drive the sound forward. Over the course of the journey he makes sure to bring so much exquisite characteristics into the mix. Electronic flourishes have a symphonic bent to them for they come in sweeping through it all in a gorgeous haze. By allowing the sound to buildup, expanding more and more into the infinite there is a beauty to behold within the piece itself, one that stuns with crystal clarity. Layer upon layer enters into the fray making sure that the dense sound becomes a universe, one that draws the listener into a heady brew.

“I Of The Storm” revels in the brilliant storytelling abilities of Peter Barnado.



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