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ibbi Too Vicious develops a unique style with the wild, carefree bliss of “Amethyst Skies”.

ibbi Too Vicious - Amethyst Skies

ibbi Too Vicious develops a unique style with the wild, carefree bliss of “Amethyst Skies”. The song has a psychedelic hip-hop flavor about it. With this unusual approach the song bursts in a wide range of colours, from the fluorescent to the absolutely serene. By allowing the many pieces plenty of room to roam, the song has a spaciousness to it. Vocals hit that sweet spot between rap and pop while refusing to neatly fall into either. Thanks in part to this determination the piece evolves at a clever pace, patient yet with a hook that has such love behind it.

The joking beginning helps to solidify the carefree aspect of the work, for the piece has a spaciousness. Within the piece there is a geographic sense, one that makes sure to explore every nook and cranny of the atmosphere. Production has a polished sheen to it, with nice nods going towards groups like Tame Impala and the fractured folk pop musings of Four Tet. Akin to those groups, everything about this work has an air of unpredictably to it. By keeping the listener on their toes they ensure that there is a consistency to the evolution of sound, one that becomes fuller and fuller with each reiteration. For the final stretch they let it all seemingly rise up in a majestic soar above, one that brings it to a gorgeous close.

“Amethyst Skies” features ibbi Too Vicious’s cleverness for they deliver something that has a wonderful, soothing quality one that feels drenched in sunshine.



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