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“IDK” proves Emanuel Brown to be a singular voice.

Emanuel Brown – IDK

Emanuel Brown taps into hip-hop’s roots while pointing towards its future on the thoughtful “IDK”. Itself an abbreviated title that references a whole slew more, over the course of the track he is not afraid to get personal with the listener. The track proves to be a clever meditation on the decision of whether or not to pursue a career in music. Beats hit with a certain heaviness, one that touches upon an old school style with a modern twist to it. Production goes for a sheer force of nature quality to it and volume is an absolute must for this is a sound that needs to be felt as well as heard. Beyond this, there is an adherence to mixing the old school and new school styles while maintaining a distinct personality that is entirety his own.

Not a moment is wasted for he sets the tone immediately. Verses are delivered with such fire and passion for the song evolves at its own careful pace. Every single element is given plenty of room to roam for the entirety of the piece has an elastic style to it, for his word choice revels in its nimbleness. Layer upon layer comes into the fray further adding to the overall emotional impact of the piece. The buildup of the sound, the way the groove unfurl, helps to lend it a certain poignancy.

“IDK” proves Emanuel Brown to be a singular voice, with a unique vision that goes beyond the usual into something confessional, honest, and telling.



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