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“If I Like You” features a surprisingly intimate portrayal of what it means to desire and be desired

DeVries - If I Like You

DeVries offers a splendid bit of soulfulness with the powerful desire of “If I Like You”. An exploration of relationships, of lust and crushes, her lyrics focus on the universality that comes with the desire for a true connection. Wordplay opts for a playfulness for she does not guarantee anything – the lessons learned from previous experiences loom large in the mind. Yet there is a joyfulness to her sound that resonates deeply. Best of all, the instrumentation further adds to this do or don’t dilemma, for the song maintains a certain coyness in terms of keeping everything fully covered.

After an honest open of what feels like a giddy beginning, the song gradually locks into place. The toy box melody adds to the sense of tenderness that her voice captures so well for the two elements fuse to become one. By allowing additional flourishes into the mix the piece grows and expands to incorporate an ever-wider swath of sound. Layer upon layer filters into the fray further adding to its sense of grace. Never rushing things, the pace is the trick and the grooves have a fragile delicate beauty to them that underscore the importance of figuring out how to truly care for someone and if that someone is worth caring about. She does this with elegance, style and so much flair.

“If I Like You” features a surprisingly intimate portrayal of what it means to desire and be desired, and DeVries captures it in a way that feels so refreshingly honest.

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